Charmaine Cooper Hussain would like to distract you from noticing that her first and married names rhyme by putting her maiden name in between.

Like doctors and firefighters, she wanted to be an editor since she was a child. High-school classmates delighted in torturing her by editing her own entries in the Grad Night memory book. Upon graduation from Tulane, she was literally surprised that Glamour magazine did not call with an offer to become their beauty editor.

Indeed, the most glamorous thing she has edited in the last 20 years was a magazine about gambling. The most boring would have to be the one about liquid and gas chromatography (no offense to chromatographers). Interspersed have been stints at Geo Info Systems magazine, the National Wetlands Research Center, and WHERE Dallas and WHERE Fort Worth magazines, where she loved reviewing restaurants and getting free stuff. Five-plus years of editing for Xilinx, a semiconductor company, made her immune to nodding off while reading high-tech content.

In 2007, Charmaine joined thousands of Texas Instruments employees in trying to convince the rest of the world that the company does more than make calculators, working as an editor in Communication Services. She went rogue in 2009 after massive TI layoffs but picked them up as a client pretty much immediately, along with ExxonMobil and BNSF (among others) a year later.

She is from New Orleans and has a profound obsession with the color green.

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